Article france election homosexuality uskbnuks

article france election homosexuality uskbnuks

An air of deep dismay had settled on Fillon's election headquarters, even his vision of French society as “clearly hostile to LGBT people”.
Your Complete Guide to the French Presidential Elections called homosexuality "a biological and social anomaly," and said Nazi-era gas.
A week before the attack on Charlie Hebdo, France's leading gay magazine, Têtu, announced the winner of its annual beauty contest..

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Well, Steve, the Germans — and others — will always worry. But Macron ahead is what Berlin hoped for. Macron is not Jewish but the cartoon seemed to refer to his past job as a Rothschild banker. International news editor, London I just got an email from Neil MacFarquhar, our Moscow bureau chief. Everyone is going to be against us. article france election homosexuality uskbnuks

Macron is an advocate for European unity, and for the Franco-German alliance that has been the bedrock of stability on the Continent — but he knows that European integration is also a project under great stress. Diplomatic neutrality, but sighs of relief too among guests. London bureau chief And the other fascination, for me, at least, is the way that working-class voters seem more concerned with immigration than with capitalism …. Please upgrade your browser. International news editor, London Jay expresses a concern about immigration, cultural change and French article france election homosexuality uskbnuks that a lot of Le Pen voters will relate to. Who knows how that could play. Berlin bureau chief Paul, I see you weighing in from Takoma Park with the theme I touched on — did Le Pen get votes because she is a woman? Yet Damien Bancal, a French journalist who founded and runs the web site Zatazwhich focuses on digital security, said that attributing online dating washington seattle muslim singles activities to Russia was wild conjecture. The flagging economy, high unemployment and rising inequality have been huge issues in this election.

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For a lot of voters, Ms. International news editor, London What do we think of this prognostication from our former colleague Nate Silver? Diane Abbott, the brain of Labour. Abstention is not in my genes, above all when an extremist party is close to power. The presidential election on Sunday is one of the most consequential in recent times — not just for France, but for Europe — and one of the most unpredictable, too. In contrast, the president does have the power to force through legislation without a vote, but there are limitations to how often he or she can use that power.