Forum relationships want stop smoking weed

forum relationships want stop smoking weed

Then I met someone who wasn't an addict, and we started a relationship. When that Even though smoking pot wasn't fun, I couldn't stop. I've heard that one of.
His addiction also affects our social life - he never wants to do anything on weekend-days other It feels like he chooses weed over me and our relationship. I do wish he would just stop smoking, but I have a feeling that will never happen. Marijuana: His choice/My Burden.
He had strained relationships with his family members and his He was extremely intelligent and had many good qualities, but I don't want to live like he lives. . He eventually started smoking pot again and drinking, quit going to the I have read similar stories on the F&F of Substance Abusers forum....

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I don't think we need to start that debate again. I love coming home to her being here. And I do not smoke pot or anything else. Thurgood: I love weed, LOVE IT! I like smoking, but hell, it's not that hard to quit, Ive done it numerous times. Honestly, I think it would be best to see if you can get her to accept that you get high from time to time. You'd recognize that despite the temporary perceptual and cognitive changes, you are still the same person inside before, during, and after.

You don't want him smoking weed. You also mentioned an alcohol problem, which indicates that he has poor coping skills and is likely using these substances to escape. The other son lives with him and has no job. Has anyone been rejected for smoking weed? I know he feels sad and misses me too, but I know he is probably just getting high to forget it all. Originally Posted by kwrlz. Support groups are awesome. Or how would you measure that you're in better shape. In that case, I hope you will take a big step back from the relationship and make yourself available to other people. I had to change first, so that keeping things the way they were wasn't possible for him anymore. Don't get involved with people with addictive personalities. She said it was a mistake and that it made her feel like a loser. I have severe epilepsy.

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Showroom free pore videos Are you living the life you really want to live? He said that his alcohol addiction hasn't been nearly as difficult to handle as his pot addiction. But not as much as I love pussy!. We have talked a online dating atlanta about this, and he knows that I hate his addiction and don't want him to be high around me at least not as oftenyet he hasn't changed at all. You just never know. But, in others has been nothing but a disaster since not all get over the addiction or get over it before forum relationships want stop smoking weed breaking point. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number.
USER COUPONS LOGIN And, X still hasn't cleaned up and caught up with life. First of all, sorry I only read the first post on this topic because it pisses me off just reading it. And what ELSE is true to you that you're not engaging in? Circumstances forced me to quit, I hit rockbottom, and I'm now finally getting back to a place where I can feel some pride in. They've already passed their test in life. And ask yourself, what would it take for those goals to be accomplished.