Norwa whengonorway

norwa whengonorway

In the summer, the average temperature in Norway ranges from 57° to 65°F In January, it hovers around 27°F ideal weather for winter sports.
Travel across Norway to experience it in its full! Hiking in raw, untouched nature, summer skiing, midnight swimming, surfing, city exploring, eating fresh seafood.
(Translation: This is perhaps the first Norwegian post here.) a great article about that here: whengonorway. htm.

Norwa whengonorway -- traveling cheap

Talk to Lonely Planet. Overdressing will cause unnecessary perspiration and condense within clothing layers. The region is famous for the aurora borealis, colorful lights that seemingly dance across the night sky. While there aren't too many outdoor things to do in the colder months except maybe viewing the Northern Lights! After all, I had lucky escape- as I stopped before I was severly hit by the rocks in the end of the slope... Seems it's really pricy.

norwa whengonorway

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This is a film I made for VisitNorway is the main tourist office in Norway and has the responsibility for the development and maintenance of the official travel guide to Norway... Arriving at North Cape the wind has really cranked itself up as we scramble to get some photos in since at least there is not yet any fog. You are using an outdated browser.

norwa whengonorway