Translation english spanish here match

translation english spanish here match

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Use a match to light the candle. Usa un fósforo para encender la vela. b. el cerillo (M) (Mexico). The matches got wet so we had to throw them cerillos se.
padrazgo where English godfather has a LEXICAL GAP for the relationship (no One way matches una manera as a straight translation, but in the context of traffic the English speaker says Here you are or Here 's (NP), while the Spanish....

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In the tournament, the team was matched with a very difficult opponent. The teams were evenly matched and shared the lead throughout the match. They found that the couples whose expectations matched their relationship skills were most satisfied. Mom's handbag and shoes are not exactly the same color, but they are a very close match. He came back for four matches in the final games of the season and just squeezed in enough games to qualify for a title medal. Is something important missing?
translation english spanish here match

German Chinese German — Chinese German Danish Consumer color detail view — Danish German French German — French German Italian German — Italian German Dutch German — Dutch German Polish German — Polish German Portuguese German — Portuguese German Russian German — Russian German Swedish German — Swedish German Turkish German — Turkish Italian French Italian — French Italian Romanian Italian — Romanian Polish Russian Polish — Russian. He said the team was playing training matches with local clubs to help it tune up for the tournament. It was a titanic struggle between two evenly matched teams. It is becoming increasingly frustrating to witness teams forfeiting local kolkata relax refresh rejuvenate for one reason or the. Please report any problems.

Translation english spanish here match expedition

A match made in water. So, in many ways, the results didn't match the symbolism that he obviously enjoyed.

translation english spanish here match

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She had always encouraged the infatuation, saying that the pair were a perfect match. Today, this situation is changing rapidly. Nama struck a match and its head went into flames, then she took it and lit a small lantern in the middle of the room. English If we are to catch the criminals who carry out that trade, then we need to match their cross -border work and their international cooperation. The players will be split into four teams for matches. This was a lively game of football with two evenly matched teams who played some good football in slippery conditions. Two very evenly matched teams traded score for score in the third quarter.

translation english spanish here match